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Technical Rubber Elastomers
Aflas/FEPM Tetrafluoroethylene Elastomer
Since the arrival of VDF-HFP based elastomer (FKM) in the 1950s, a variety of fluoroelastomers have been developed and commercialized. In 1975 a new fluoroelastomer family, based on an alternating copolymer of TFE and propylene (FEPM) was introduced by Asahi Glass Co., Ltd, (They called it AFLAS)

The polymer structure of FEPM gives unique properties in that it offers excellent heat resistance with a continuous service temperature of 200℃ and a maximum peak exposure temperature of 250℃, outstanding chemical resistance with no or little deterioration even in contact with strong acids and bases at high temperatures and high electrical resistivity of the order of 1015~1016Ω・cm. FEPM is used worldwide in many industrial fields where rubber components come into contact with harsh environments.

Reflecting the recent trend of increasing power in automotive engines, the use of high performance engine oils is now essential to cope with increasing engine temperatures. These engine oils are heavily formulated with amine-based additives and therefore elastomer components are now required to have greater heat and engine oil resistance than previously experienced. Therefore FEPM has been attracting more attention as a material which can survive in such harsh conditions.

FEPM has been finding new applications in wire & cable industries as an elastomeric insulating material with the highest heat resistance.

Changzhou Meridian can offer FEPM (Tetrafluoroethylene/Propylene) moldings, packer, seals, O-rings, gaskets, and etc.
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