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Common Rubber Elastomers
NBR/Nitrile Elastomers
Acrylonitrile Butadiene (NBR) Elastomers, also termed nitrile rubber, is an emulsion copolymer of acrylonitrile and butadiene. Acrylonitrile content varies from 18 to 50%. 

The polar acrylonitrile provides the useful contribution for product applications requiring oil and gasoline resistance, abrasion resistance, gas permeability and thermal stability. Higher acrylonitrile content provides improved solvent, oil and abrasion resistance, along with higher Tg, while a lower acrylonitrile content improves compression set , low-temperature flexibility and resilience. 

•    NBR has Broad temperature range: 
      -40°C to 125°C continuous and 150°C short-term
•    Oil and Fuel Resistant
•    Excellent physical properties
•    Provides the best performance/cost value of any heat, oil and fuel resistant elastomer in use today

Typical Applications 
The most important properties of NBR elastomers are unique balances of temperature, oil and fuel resistance. As a result, they find use in a wide range of applications. Industrial hoses, conveyor belts, seals and gaskets represent the largest market areas for these polymers. Other markets are in industrial rolls, printing blankets, tank linings and oil field applications. 

All grades of NBR are capable of producing quality compression molded, transfer molded or injection molded O-rings and grommets. The ACN content is one of the two primary criteria for defining NBR. NBR is available in a range of 18% to 50% Acrylonitrile level. 
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